Destiny 2 Exclusive Emblem Can Only Be Obtained by Buying These Toys

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If you want your Guardian to really stand out from the pack in Destiny 2, then there’s a chance, but you’ll have to buy actual toys to get ’em. The Destiny 2 exclusive emblem that you can see below can only be had by purchasing the “Mega Construx” toys by Mattel, and range from $15.99 to $199.99 as the most expensive set.

The toys themselves are LEGO-like in appearance and structure, which the emblem shows as well. Don’t forget, the emblems don’t offer any gameplay enhancements of any kind and are just another way to let you customize your Guardian as your own. Don’t be surprised to get questions where you got it though.

For more game-related Destiny 2 news, Bungie is asking fans what they want to see in the shared world shooter’s first DLC. Those who have yet to finish the Leviathan Raid, we posted an exploit that should make finishing it a tad easier. 

Will Destiny 2 players buy actual toys just to get an exclusive emblem? I wouldn’t bet against it given how fanatical the fan base is. 

Source; GameStop (Twitter)via VG247