Destiny 2 Recovery Stat Is Super Useful, Here’s How Powerful It Is

The Recovery, Resilience and Mobility statistics in Destiny 2 are something that many players often ignore. With such a huge focus placed on boosting Power, it’s common to see them left unoptimized. This is a mistake.

Take a look at the GIF below, and witness the impact that a better Recovery stat has. 

That is a significant reduction in recovery time, and could make the difference between life and death in both PVE and PVP!

The GIF is made using the video embedded below. It’s by FalloutPlays and goes in-depth on the Recovery, Resilience and Mobility stats. Give it a watch for a better understanding on how everything works and compares.

FalloutPlays provided an additional comment, giving further information on why Recovery is the best stat to focus on:

IMO right now, Recovery is absolutely the top stat choice because you can really see and feel the difference. When I’m doing Trials carries, or just rolling in PvP wearing my Tryhard pants, my go-to is Devour Voidwalker with 10 Recovery. You just have this seemingly bottomless well of health – take some damage? take cover for a second, I’ll be fine. Take damage and I’m being pushed? Just eat my grenade real quick, good to go. Healing rift also helps a bunch, obviously. Basically my PvP strat right now in the simplest terms, is ‘be as difficult to kill / annoying as possible’.

Armed with this knowledge, I’ll definitely be concentrating on boosting my Destiny 2 Recovery stat. Will you be doing the same?

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Source: FalloutPlays (YouTube) via Reddit

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