Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event Is Happening, Datamined Files Suggest

It seems like Destiny players will see the return of the game’s “Crimson Days” event, a celebration of love and Valentine’s Day.

In a recent datamine of the PC version, Reddit user Ginsor found files containing various Crimson Days-themed lines:

“Guardians honor the unbreakable bonds they forge on and off the battlefield by competing in the Crucible’s Crimson Days festival. First, follow the rose petals in the Tower to Tess Everis’-she has something for you.”

“Speak to Tess Everis to claim your free Crimson Days Engram.”

“Speak to Shaxx in the Tower to learn more about his love for Crimson Days.”

“As boisterous as ever, Shaxx speaks warmly (and loudly) of Crimson Days’-and of his challenge to Guardians who choose to celebrate with him in the Crucible.”

“Shaxx congratulates you and your Crimson Bond on battles hard-fought and victories hard-won during Crimson Days’-and offers a handsome reward with his inspiring words.”

“Complete Crimson Days Crucible matches.”

“Complete Crimson Days matches to earn holiday-themed rewards.”

“Crimson Doubles”

“Win a Crimson Days match in sudden death.”

“This engram contains one Crimson Days vanity reward and a small stack of shaders or a transmat effect.”

“This pack contains a small stack of shaders that evoke the inspiring nature of an unbreakable bond, in honor of Crimson Days.”

“A one-time bundle for Guardians who develop lasting bonds…Contains Crimson Days engrams, Bright Dust, a weapon ornament for Graviton Lance, and a Fireteam Medallion. Available only during Crimson Days.”

“Show your love for Crimson Days with these exclusive Ghost shells and emotes.”

“Speed through Crimson Days alongside your Crimson Bond with these exclusive Sparrows.”

“These shaders and mods’-in the colors of roses, love, and other bonds’-capture the spirit of this year’s Crimson Days celebrations.”

“Your favorite weapons will inspire new bonds everywhere when they’re customized with these Crimson Days’-exclusive ornaments.”

“Tracks the number of opponents defeated in Crimson Days matches.”

“Crimson Days are a celebration of partnership and commitment. As the Vanguard’s leading archivist of epic legends, Tyra Karn has a certain fondness for the holiday.”

In addition to these lines, various Crimson Days icons were found:

What do you make of these leaks? Hoping Crimson Days returns for February? Let us know.

In other Destiny 2 news, this fan comic pokes fun at Tess Everis’ exploitative nature, the game’s development was apparently rebooted in early 2016, and Bungie has “lots of good info to share” this week.

Source: Reddit

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