Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Info From Livestream All in One Place

In case you didn’t know, Bungie livestreamed the reveal of Destiny 2’s first expansion. Curse of Osiris. As one can expect, a ton of new details have shot out of the reveal. If you weren’t around to see it, don’t fret! We have a Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris info recap here.

Thanks to Reddit use DTG_Bot, check out the details Bungie revealed about Destiny 2’s first DLC.

  • New level cap: 330 + 5 = 335.
  • New Destination: Mercury, with its own tokens and faction NPC (Brother Vance, IIRC).
    • The social space is The Lighthouse.
    • The Infinite Forest (the Vex’s reality simulator, and a patrol space, I think) is different each time you enter it.
  • New Egyptian-themed armor drops on Mercury.
  • The Heroic Strike Playlist is back.
  • There is a new full raid on the Leviathan called “Eater of Worlds”, but it’s shorter than the original Leviathan raid.
    • There will also be a Prestige version of Eater of Worlds.
    • They are calling Eater of Worlds a “raid lair”.
    • Eater of Worlds will not go live on Dec 5, but will shortly thereafter.
  • The original Leviathan raid is having its level cap raised, so you can play the original Leviathan (in Normal Mode) to level up to 335.
  • The second expansion will have an additional “lair” on the Leviathan.
    • Again, a shorter raid than the original Leviathan, I think.
  • Here’s a transcript of a part of the reveal that states just how big Eater of Worlds will be:
    Q. What is the scope of a raid lair, if you were to try to size it up?A. It’s not as lengthy as the original Leviathan, but there’s still a boss and all the challenges leading up to the them. So it’s going to be a pretty sizable addition.

    And it’s no less challenging or less fun than any other raid we’ve made. This raid is a ton of fun. We’ve been playing it a lot internally. It’s extremely challenging. You’re going to die a lot.

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Curse of Osiris will be out this December for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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