New Destiny 2 Token Farming Route Is Fastest Method Yet

With Bungie having removed the previous Lost Sector method of farming Tokens, the more hardcore Destiny 2 players have been searching for an alternative way of grinding out the rewards. 

Happily, for those who want to rapidly rank up their Faction Rallies representative, a new method has been found and demonstrated by YouTube user xHoundishx.

This extremely quick farming method can produce over 500 Tokens per hour! Check it out below:

If you’re unable to watch the video, or just want a text summary, Reddit user Cory-B provided the following:

For folks who can’t watch video:

  • Zone into Winding Cove on EDZ
  • Run a bit north and head down the hole into the Lost Sector
  • Defeat the boss, get the chest
  • Directly above the chest is a door that you can use to get back to the surface. As you’re walking up, as soon as you see the “Winding Cove” area load, turn around, head back to the chest, and you can loot it again. Back through the door, wait for “Winding Cove”, and back to the chest to loot again. Rinse and repeat this step.

The response from fellow players has been very positive, so it’s certainly working. Go grind it out before Bungie fixes it!

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Source: xHoundishx via Reddit

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