Destiny 2 Faction Token Farm Location, Rank up as Quickly as Possible

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This Destiny 2 Faction Token farm location can be used to earn six tokens every minute or so. This should help Guardians rank up the faction leaders, as well as contribute to their team’s overall success in the Faction Rally. Faction-specific rewards await those who nab these tokens, and you can end up getting some pretty awesome kit!

Here’s what you need to do via Reddit user “T1gigz”:

  • Load “Lost Oasis” on the planet Io
  • Go to the Lost Sector directly on your left
  • Run through and shoot the 6 crates
  • Rinse and repeat

NoteWe’d personally recommend only shooting the boxes in the first room, before exiting out and running back in. Repeat the first room’s boxes over and over again!

And here’s a video demonstration showing you the crate locations and how to farm optimally:

Pretty useful, huh? Which faction will you be ranking up?

In other Destiny 2 news, the weekly reset has just happened, bringing new milestones, a refreshed Nightfall Strike, Eververse items, and more! Also, following yesterday’s scheduled maintenance, a new update hit the game. Here are the patch notes.

Source: Reddit