Destiny 2 February 11 Update – Here’s What’s in Hotfix

New Destiny 2 Weekly Reset January 26

Just a few days ago, we mentioned that Destiny 2 hotfix will be released this coming week (which is this week), which brings a host of fixes. While the Destiny 2 servers are slowly going back online, those curious what the Destiny 2 February 11 update has brought, look no further!

Destiny 2 February 11 update patch notes (hotfix


Iron Banner

  • Added a Triumph to track Iron Banner Packages earned in Season 9. This will retroactively count all packages already earned this season.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Efrideet’s Gift Triumph from completing when players earned 50 Iron Banner packages in Season 9. This is retroactive


  • Fixed an issue where resetting your Infamy rank could reset progress on the “Get Closer” pursuit. This is retroactive, and will auto-complete for any players that has already been above Mythic this season.



  • Fixed an issue where Solar Class emotes were incorrectly priced. Emotes will now be correctly priced at 500 Silver, and the carousel will be visible once more.

In other Destiny 2 news, those who think that the loading time to get to the Tower has increased, you’re not imagining things! Read on what happened and how to speed it up.

If there are any changes included that’s not in the notes, share them in the comments below for your fellow Guardians.

Source: Bungie

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