Destiny 2 Racist Gauntlets Getting Fixed, Bear Striking Similarities to White Supremacist Symbol

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Just what are “Destiny 2 racist gauntlets”? Well, they are the “Road Complex AA1” gauntlets, which bear a design that is worryingly similar to the “KEK” logo found on the Kekistan flag. This symbol has become a popular white supremacist symbol. 

Bungie identified the problem and has been working to fix it, as expressed in the following tweets:

Bungie states that “it is not intentional,” but man, it looks a little too similar to me. (You can find the symbol yourself through the Google search engine.)

Anyway, at least Bungie has acknowledged the problem and is making moves to eradicate it.

In other (happier) Destiny 2 update 1.03 is out now, fixing a bunch of problems and introducing “Guided Games.”news,

Source: Waypoint via NeoGAF