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Just a few hours ago, Bungie went on Twitch to open the lid on Destiny 2 seasons and what it means for the shared-world shooter. Now if you weren’t able to catch the livestream, or just wanted a condense version, you’ve come to the right place! 

Thanks to the fine folks over on the Destiny subreddit, a bulletpoint breakdown can be read that focuses on the important stuff. We’ve broken it down to two slide pages since it’s super long. Just for clarity’s sake, we’re currently in season 1, and there will be four  seasons in the first year of Destiny 2.


[tps_title]Season 1:[/tps_title]

  • Expansion 1 – Winter 2017 aka Curse of Osiris DLC
  • Seasons:
    • Max level so that old/smaller clans have a chance vs only larger more active clans to dominate. Keeps everything on a more fair level.
    • Seasons have themes associated with them. They take feedback from the community for adding and adjusting things such as new emotes, rewards, etc.
    • Goals:
    • More predictable time tables (what to expect and when)
    • Destiny 2 year 1: 4 seasons
    • Make big changes to the game
    • Sandbox tuning, new features, more content:
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 6.43.12 PM
    • Big patches to change the meta, etc.
    • Meant so you don’t feel like you have to play Destiny ALL the time.
    • Season 2: The Dawning will make a return shortly after the launch.
    • Ice Hockey will be enabled:
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 6.49.24 PM
    • Other Easter Eggs
    • You can have snowball fights
    • Event affects will be throughout the world, not just the social space.
    • Armor preview:
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 6.49.59 PM
    • Armor, Weapons, Shaders, and possibly emotes will come
    • Iron Banner – What Bungie Learned:
    • 1,500 YEARS worth of time played between all guardians.
    • Learned how we interacted with the loot system. Will be changes to loot such as letting us direct purchase guns via tokens and legendary shards.
    • The token economy is not always the best way for everything.
    • Unlock ornaments via gameplay vs tokens for some events in the future.
    • Heard community feedback of wanting rewards more meaningful.
    • One more Iron Banner in Season 1.
    • For Season 2, there will be an ornaments slot requiring an objective to unlock to show that you completed a limited event objective.
    • Some new gear:
    • Perks and stats will be updated.
    • There will be a complimentary energy and kinetic weapon so you can have one of each.
    • Trials of The Nine
    • There will be ornaments as well, not shown yet but “They look really cool”
    • Updated weapons, both visual look and perks:
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 7.00.04 PM
    • Faction Rally
    • Data was tallied cross-platform.
    • One more in Season 1
    • Screenshot:
    • Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 7.00.32 PM
    • For Season 2 there will be changes to promote playing with a fireteam more vs just solo.
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