Destiny 2 Sign-In Queue & Error Codes Surfacing This March 5

Destiny 2 Sign-In Queue

While Bungie just finished maintenance on the Destiny 2 servers a few days ago, some guardians might be having issues logging in, with reports surfacing of Destiny 2 Sign-in queue and other error codes surfacing for players this March 5.

Destiny 2 Sign-In Queue & Error Codes Reports for March 5

Update: Bungie has removed the sing-on queue for players who do not own a Destiny 2 Season or expansion.

Update: Bungie is continuing to investigate the problem:

This issue has been acknowldeged by Bungie, and mentioned the following:

We are currently investigating a rise in error codes and server instability.

Players who do not own a Destiny 2 Season or Expansion will begin to see a sign-on queue.

Unfortunately, it looks like those who are playing the game for free, are the ones that are affected. If you’re one of the players experiencing the sign-in and error code issues, chime in below and let us know what error codes are showing up.

We’ll update the post once Bungie issues a new announcement.

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