Destiny 2 Tracker “Destiny Sets” Site Is the Ultimate Tool for Collectors

Share this: has been updated to be even more helpful to Destiny 2 players. The site now allows players to log into the site using their account and compare their inventory across 848 items. What’s especially great, is that it also shows what you’re missing. So if you’re big into collecting Exotics, or want all of the shaders and emblems, it’s now possible to track it all!

Here’s what’s been added with the latest update:

I built to help Guardians track their collection of cool gear and help them complete their sets. It talks to to automatically mark of gear you’ve collected, so no more marking items in spreadsheets.

Just now I’ve released a new page letting your track all the other gear that doesn’t belong in a set, like emblems and shaders. That’s 848 items trackable now on the site!Now here’s hoping we’ll get the vault space to keep all the items.

I hope everyone likes and enjoys it. I’ve got some cool features planned for down the track (I really want to add one-click equipping of sets!). Hit me up on Twitter or Github!

If you’re a keen Destiny 2 player, be sure to give the site a look!

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Source: DestinySets via Reddit