Report: Destiny 2 Future DLC Locations and Info Leaked From PC Files

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In case you didn’t know, Destiny 2 is now out on PC! While Activision might be happy with the influx of new, and paying customers, there is one thing that the publisher or developer Bungie might not be too hot on, and that’s people mining the PC files.

Over on Reddit, user TheEcumene dug through 26K (!) of audio files to see what possible Destiny 2 upcoming content awaits the player base. For obvious reasons, not everything here should be taken as fact, since some of the stuff here might be outdated, old stuff or red herrings on Bungie’s part. Without further ado, check the condensed version below and yes, some stuff might be considered spoiler-ish.

  • Voice lines about new worlds; Ganymede & The Myriad.
  • Voice lines about Destiny 1 patrol zones; Venus, Mars, Dreadnaught, Old Russia
  • Phobos and Mercury are also talked about, with Phobos hinted as a new Patrol zone.
  • Cayde-6 dies! FWC and NM have lines mentioning his death and “what comes after”. EDIT: Apparently these are in-game, so I suppose scrapped? How odd that they exist but mean nothing.
  • Shiro is on Mercury and Osiris comes to the Tower once again!
  • All Destiny 1 events will return, along with new ones. I mean things like Crimson Days, Festival of the Lost (next year), SRL, etc… Not Queen’s Wrath or anything.
  • The Reef and Prison of Elders, along with Petra and Variks, are mentioned. Seems like you can go back!
  • SRL returns, along with Marcus Ren.
  • Black Garden and the Vault of Glass are mentioned; perhaps a trip back?

I also included some things I had zero idea about (Tenebrae? Worms on the moon? New Speaker or scrapped lines?) to get a conversation going. What do these mean? Honestly I could be missing something after listening to so many files over the past few days…

In related news, Bungie has already announced Curse of Osiris” as Destiny 2’s first major expansion. There’s the “seasons” to look forward to as well, which you can read all about right here.

Do you think some of the info leaked above will be relevant in future Destiny 2 DLC or they might be old files left there for miners to find?

Source: Reddit