Report: Destiny 2 Xur Location Revealed, Can Appear in All Four Regions

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The mystery man Xur will return in Destiny 2, it seems. The leaked Destiny 2 GameSpot guide provides a list of the game’s vendors, and where they can be found. 

Xur’s entry states “Location – All four Regions (Varies)” and that he is of the “Special” type. 

You can find the other vendors below. (Note that there are potential story spoilers in the list of names, so here’s a spoiler warning just to be safe!)

And here’s a quick summary of who he is. 

It looks like “Legendary Shards” will be the currency he accepts.

Presumably Xur will be returning each weekend, and players will have to track him down in multiple locations in each of the four regions. Here’s hoping the gear he offers is worth the trouble!

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Source: Reddit