Destiny – Crota’s End Raid Hard Mode Arrives Next Week With New Loot

A harder version of Crota’s End six-player Raid is coming to Destiny next week, on January 21, developer Bungie has officially announced.

According to the studio’s latest Weekly Update, Hard Mode will be available at around 10AM Pacific and will feature Level 33 enemies. Without spoiling anything, Bungie Community Manager “DeeJ” hints that new challenges await in addition. “You’ll have fewer options for healing yourself, and each other,” he says. “The enemies you’re about to face are stronger and more prone to temper tantrums. Be brave!”

To make going the extra mile worth it, however, Bungie is introducing a brand new set of Primary Raid Weapons and other loot attainable only by defeating Crota in his new strength. Like all new DLC weapons, the new Raid weapons will carry a max attack rating of 331.

Here’s what to look forward to:

New Auto Rifle – Abyss Defiant


New Scout Rifle – Fang of Ir Yût


New Pulse Rifle – Oversoul Edict


New Hand Cannon – Word of Crota


New Upgrade Material – Crux of Crota, used to upgrade the Eidolon Ally into the Necrochasm.


New Ship – Bane of the Dark Gods


New Shader – Glowhoo

Destiny Patch will precede the arrival of the new Raid mode with patch notes going up when it becomes available. Keep your sights on MP1st for updates!


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