Destiny House of Wolves Live Stream Recap – New Social Space, Activities, and Upgrades Explored

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Broadcasting to audiences live through the power of the internet, Destiny developer Bungie shared a first look at The Reef, a brand new social space arriving with the House of Wolves expansion on May 19.

The presenters, including Bungie’s Christopher Barret, Creative Director, and David Dague, Community Manager, offered viewers a tour through the new space while visiting the expansion’s new vendors. There were also a ton of new details to catch on some of the upcoming PvE and PvP events, as well as the new ways Guardians will be upgrading their weapons and armor once the new DLC lands.

We recapped everything that was mentioned below, so get reading and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

The Reef

According to Bungie, The Reef will appear in rougher condition than The Tower with a darker and more dangerous atmosphere, which will also be reflected in the music. The area might hold a few secrets with additional areas that could potentially open up during special events, similar to The Tower.

All Guardians are welcome to the Reef, says Bungie. Even non-DLC owners. Those with the House of Wolves expansion will receive their first bounty upon setting foot in The Reef for the first time.

Some of the new vendors include:

Petra Venj, Queen’s Wrath – She will act as the main story agent, providing Guardians with new quests and bounties. These will differ from the bounties offered during the Queen’s Wrath event. Her inventory will be made up of new banners, shaders, and ships, including a new model called the Ceres Galliot.

Variks, the Loyal, House of Judgment – Variks will be the primary point of contact for the new 3-player Prison of Elders arena activity. He’ll sell Prison of Elder gear, class items, ships, and shaders.

Brother Vance, Disciple of Osiris – Acting as the emissary for the new Trials of Osiris PvP activity, Vance’s inventory will include trial rewards, trial supplies, and trials passages which are needed to gain entrance to the tournament. He’ll also sell consumable items that Bungie says will affect Trials of Osiris progression.

In addition to the new vendors, a new Bounty TrackerPostmaster, and Chryptarch, will also be available in The Reef while the previous ones will remain in The Tower. The Vault will also be accessible in The Reef. Bungie revealed little on Xur, Agent of the Nine, other than mentioning he’ll likely continue to show up on Fridays, but can appear anywhere.

The Tower

While The Reef will be an exciting new place to visit and explore for all players, Bungie is making sure there’ll still be reason to visit The Tower and interact with its vendors.

The Speaker – The speaker will now allow Guardians to exchange all material, including material earned from the vanilla game or from The Dark Below expansion. With a little Glimmer, it will be possible to exchange Ascendant Shards into Ascendant Energy, for example, or Radiant Shards into Radiant Energy. Some materials can be turned in for extra Glimmer or bought with Glimmer.

New Vendor Gear – All factions, including the Crucible and Vanguard vendors, will offer brand new, upgraded gear, including new weapon and armor models with new statistics and perks.

New Activities

Though more specifics will be revealed in the coming weeks on the the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris PvE and PvP activities, respectfully, Bungie let out a few snippets of information in today’s stream.

Prison of Elders – As with Heroic Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, and Raids, the new 3-player Prison of Elders arena activity will reset weekly. Each week, there’ll be multiple challenges to partake in as well as new rewards to earn. Bungie explained that players should be able to earn a full set of new armor and weapons over time directly from the Prison of Elders by participating in its weekly challenges.

Trials of Osiris –  The Trials of Osiris will takes place every weekend, Friday to Tuesday, and may possibly overlap with the monthly Iron Banner PvP event.


Bungie is offering a new, simplified way to upgrade all the gear you’ve earned throughout your experience with Destiny so far, including launch day vendor items.

Etheric Light – Available to everyone, Etheric Light can be attained in Nightfall Strikes, Iron Banner events, the Prison of Elders, and the Trials of Osiris. Requiring a small cost of basic materials and Glimmer, Etheric Light can be used to “Ascend” old and new Legendary and Raid gear at the press of a button without resetting weapon or armor progression. Exotic gear will require an additional Ascendant Shard to upgrade to new damage levels.

Old Vendor Gear – All old Legendary vendor gear that is still in your Inventory of Vault can be upgraded to new House of Wolves standards.

Reforge Vendor Weapons – New Legendary vendor gear introduced in the House of Wolves update will be reforge-able at a cost. This will reset weapon progression, but will imbue it with new perks and abilities

Xur – Xur will no longer be needed to upgrade Exotic weapons, though he’ll continue to sell rare items and materials.

New Level Cap – All Guardians, DLC-owners or not, will be able to reach the new Light Level cap of 34.

For more details and a visual tour through all the new content, you can catch a full replay of Bungie’s live stream below:

House of Wolves is on course for a May 19 launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. More details, including info on the the Trials of Osiris PvP activity and Prison of Elders PvE activity, will be revealed in the coming weeks.