Destiny House of Wolves Live Stream Recap – Trials Of Osiris Explored, Here’s How It Works

Streaming from their official Twitch channel, developer Bungie revealed to audiences the Trials of Osiris, the new competitive multiplayer event coming to Destiny with the launch of Expansion II: House of Wolves on May 19.

The Trials of Osiris is an end-game competitive multiplayer event that players can buy entrance to once per week by purchasing a Passage of Osiris for 100 Glimmer from the new vendor, Brother Vance, Disciple of Osiris. The event opens each Friday at 10AM Pacific and closes on Tuesday morning upon Destiny’s weekly reset.

As for the rules, Guardians face off in a competitive, best-of-nine 3v3 Elimination game mode with no respawns, though players are able revive each other five seconds after death. An additional five seconds is added to the timer upon every death. A round ends upon the elimination of a full team, or, if it happens to extend beyond two minutes, a capture point appears on the map which will also bring the round to a close once captured by a team. Like Iron Banner, Light Level, Attack Ratings, and Defense Ratings matter.

Heavy ammunition spawns only once per match and only after at least one team has scored three round wins. Ammo can’t be carried forward into following rounds. Super Abilities behave as normal, but will obviously play a much more important role when attempting to turn the tide of battle.

The Passage of Osiris acts as a weekly scorecard that tracks your wins and losses. Upon three losses, you’ll complete a Ticket, which can be continuously turned over until the weekly reset. The more wins you have on a ticket, the better your rewards will be.

Gear will drop randomly while participating in the Trials of Osiris, meaning it’s not necessary to win in order to earn rewards. Different packages, each containing a random set of rewards, can also be purchased from Brother Vance with a new currency called Passage Coins. The higher the tier, however, the better the rewards. Here’s the breakdown, courtesy of DattoDoesDestiny:

2 wins = Stone Tier
4 wins = Bronze Tier
5 wins = Armor Piece
6 wins = Silver Tier
7 wins = Weapon
8 wins = Gold Tier

The gear available rotates every week, much like Iron Banner gear rotates every month. Five wins are required to purchase the Egyptian-themed gear seen seen below, which will enable your Guardian to reach the new Light Level of 34.


Supplies can also be purchased from Brother Vance with Passage Coins, which drop from the daily Crucible activity and from random Crucible rewards. There are three Supplies in total, one that will forgive a loss, one that will reward buyers with a free win, and one that will reward buyers with a bonus win if their first match is won.

Matchmaking for Trials of Osiris has been reworked to prioritize latency over anything else in an effort to reduce lag and provide stable connections. Players will match up with new opponents every after every game. UPDATE: According to Bungie’s live stream, it sounds like players will need to create their own 3-player Fire Teams before entering the Trials of Osiris and being match-made with an opposing team.

The Trials of Osiris will take place on one map every weekend, the first being the Burning Shrine on Mercury. The Trials will take place on a new map every event.

Lastly, we leave you with these five new Trials of Osiris images:

Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny

UPDATE: Catch a full replay of Bungie’s Trials of Osiris live stream below:

[youtube id=”Y8KrgLa1TIo”]

Source: Bungie

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