Destiny: The Taken King – Limited-Time “Sparrow Racing League” Event Launches This Month

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Later this month in Destiny, Bungie is bringing Sparrow racing to life with the just-announced Sparrow Racing League, a limited-time event that the studio calls a “competitive, six-player, free-for-all death race through enemy territory.”

It looks as fun as it sounds, but you can see for yourself in the announcement trailer above.

According to Bungie, the Sparrow Racing League will commence on December 8 and stick around for three weeks, until December 29. Two race tracks on Venus and Mars have been specifically built for the event with power-ups, obstacles, and enemies.

On race day, players can visit Tower-vendor Amanda Holiday to pick up a special license for the event that will upgrade over time. There’ll be Quests and Bounties to complete that will reward players with brand new gear, including new race suits, Sparrows, and other end-game level items that even go up to Light Level 320.

An exclusive Sparrow Racing League quest will be offered to PlayStation users during the event, along with an exclusive Sparrow. New Sparrows can also be purchased from Tess Everis and her Trading Company, though many of the Sparrows players have already collected from Raids be competitive. By the sounds of it, players will need to own Destiny: The Taken King in order to participate.

Below are two videos you won’t want to miss: a ViDoc about Destiny’s Live Team and the upcoming event and a special PlayStation Experience LiveCast with Destiny Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague showing off new gameplay from the Sparrow Racing League update.

ViDoc – We’ll Do It Live!

Sparrow Racing League PSX LiveCast Coverage

If you’re pretty much anyone who’s ever driven a Sparrow at some point in Destiny, you’re probably pretty excited to participate in the Sparrow Racing League later this month. What are your thoughts on the new trailer?