DICE Adding Battlefield 5 Operation Underground Two More Times Into Rush Map Rotation

battlefield 5 operation underground

Are you a fan of the Battlefield 5 Operation Underground playlist? If s, we have some slighly good news for you. Today, DICE has announced that it’s adding Operation Underground two more times into the Rush map rotation! Not only that, but the devs are tweaking it so an additional round of Rush is played, so that each side can experience being both an Attacker, and Defender — which is how it was handled before.

This was announced on Twitter by DICE dev Angel Kavazov:


Hey @Battlefield, we’re adding Operation Underground two more times into the Rush map rotation, and also adding an additional round of Rush per map, so that you play as both attackers and defenders before the servers switch to a new map.

While this isn’t exactly the same as getting a full-on Battlefield 5 Operation Underground playlist like we had last week, this is a bit better. Let’s hope DICE actually releases a few 24/7 Operation Underground playlists to placate the player base.
Don’t forget to check out this week’s Tides of War challenges, which is centered around Rush. Once we get more news for Battlefield 5, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.
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