DICE Holds Battlefield V Survey, Gets Called Out by Some Members of the Community

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Here’s something interesting: DICE is now holding a Battlefield 5 survey that asks the community if they want to recommend the game to friends, how much fun they find the game and more. According to DICE Global Community Engagement Manager Ben Walke, this survey focuses on “communication,” which he feels strongly about, and this is just the first of many surveys, with the next few ones focusing more on key topics within the Battlefield community,

The survey can be filled out here, and it’s about 5-6 questions long, and will take less than five minutes of your time to complete. While that in itself is newsworthy enough, I’m sure DICE didn’t expect some of the responses from the community.

Reddit user alienstout posted that DICE should use the meeting notes, ideas and such that they used for Battlefield 2 for the next game, and should stop worrying about everyone.

Jeebus no. Find the meeting notes from BF2, the flow charts, the ideas – use that to make the next game. Stop worrying about everyone and just be true to the game.

This sentiment was echoed by AircoolUK who mentioned that if you make a good game, people will play it, but if you base it on system analysis, it’ll end up as every other EA released post Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Hit the nail on the head. Make a good game and people will play a good game. Base your game on systems analysis and you end up with every EA release since BFBC2.

It’s impossible to make a game where the fundamental idea is a platform for microtransactions. You have to make a game based on fun, then offer something that the players might be interested in buying because they love the game so much.

Right now, I wouldn’t even spend my time sitting on the toilet thinking about buying BFV cosmetics etc… But I have spent plenty in the past on Guild Wars 2 (yeah, I still play from time to time on an old game) and I bought tons of stuff in Planetside 2 because that game was awesome.

There’s also plenty of us BF fans who are middle aged with fat bank accounts full of ping money to spend on ‘fun’ stuff if we’re playing a ‘fun’ game. But we’re not so great ‘twitch’ players anymore and would rather have a ‘jolly fun and entertaining’ time vice comparing KD’s and all that crap.

At the end of a gaming session, I want to have a smile on my face. A lot of games these days just make me think… why am I playing this? It’s not fun.

Check out the Reddit thread to see more reactions by the community. With this mindset, Ben Walke chimed in and said that he doesn’t want sugarcoated answers, and if “things are shit,” say why they are shit.”

Whatever your take on this is, I’m honestly glad DICE is at least making an effort to listen to their fanbase, and have an open mind to suggestions, criticisms, etc.

In other Battlefield V news, EA has confirmed that the game under-performed sales-wise, and the publisher blames the lack of battle royale at launch as one of the main causes for it.

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2 thoughts on “DICE Holds Battlefield V Survey, Gets Called Out by Some Members of the Community

  1. Making an effort to listen to their fanbase?
    I don’t know how much say they have when making games but it is always the same thing! We are listening, we are taking your comments into consideration, we wanna interact closely with the community. Do you really? Then stop saying and start doing.

    There is a reason Battlefield 5 sold half of Battlefield 1 and it isn’t trolls or haters. Or is DICE saying that half of Battlefield fans are either trolls or haters who display toxic behavior? You can’t on one hand not listen to the community and on the other act like you wanna hear what they have to say.

  2. Same old song and dance. The better they understand what gamers want, the better their strategy at monetizing future games accordingly.

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