DICE Introduces Option To Pay For Battlefield 4 Battlepacks

Battlefield 4 developers DICE are giving players the option today to make in-game purchases for items like weapon attachments, camoflage patterns, and XP boosts, as well as Battlelog emblems and portraits.

The items are offered in what the studio calls “Battlepacks” which have been an integral part of Battlefield 4’s unlock progression system since launch. Basic tiered Battlepacks – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – are often offered upon ranking up and help unlock these cosmetic goods at a faster pace.

While the studio isn’t changing how you can unlock the extra content, they are now giving players the freedom to pay for any level of Battlepacks at varying prices; $1 for Bronze, $2 for Silver, and $3 for Gold. Check out the details announced in a recent Battlelog update.

“Starting today, we are introducing a new way to acquire Battlepacks, the bundles of content that provide a mix of in-game items including accessories, emblem shapes, profile pictures, dog tags, XP boosts, knives, and paints. Battlepacks can still be earned through normal gameplay progressions, but we are now giving players the option to purchase Battlepacks as a shortcut to catch up with their friends on the Battlefield.

“Bronze, Silver and Gold Battlepacks will be available for purchase at Origin.com, Battlelog.com, through the in-game store, at Xbox Live Marketplace and at the PlayStation Store. Pricing will be $1 for Bronze Battlepacks, $2 for Silver Battlepacks, and $3 for Gold Battlepacks.”

Micro-transactions are always a touchy subject among gamers, especially in larger triple-A titles like Battlefield 4. Similarly, Call of Duty offers purchasable in-game customization items through “Personalization Packs” while still charging normal price for Map Packs. Meanwhile, PopCap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, also an EA title, offers DLC maps for free as a result of micro-transactions.

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