DICE “Investigating” a “Beta” or “Test” Version of Battlefield 4 To Fix Bugs

Developers Digital Illusions CE might have had a busy week updating the PC version of Battlefield 4, but the patching is far from over.

Not only have the console versions of Battlefield 4 yet to receive any sort of update similar to the one the PC version received just last Thursday, but there are a number of other issues at hand that still require attention, including game crashes that the studio just can’t seem to shake.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of redditor Cucobr, we learned that DICE is looking into ways to smooth out the patching process in hopes to fix more issues than some of these new updates might potentially introduce. One avenue the studio is “investigating” is to open up a test version of the game to allow volunteers to experiment with different builds.

“You are right, building a game for PC is very difficult,” a DICE developer who goes by the name “FancySquirrel” on the Battlelog forums said in response concerns. “The huge amount of different [hardware] configurations out there is insane. And in BF4 we push the HW to its limits which makes these problems even more apparent. We are now investigating if we could have a ‘beta’ or ‘test’ version of the game up where we get the help from you (those of you who want to) test the game before [a patch] goes live.”

In no way is this an official announcement of such “test” or “beta” servers, but it might be something to look forward to if you happen to be keen on helping out DICE test new updates. In the end, it might just lead to a much more efficient patching process for a big, expansive game like Battlefield 4.

What are your thoughts. Do you think DICE, and us, the players, could benefit from “test” or “beta” servers? Let us know in the comments!

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