DICE LA Introduces 120Hz Tickrate To Battlefield 4 CTE, AKA ‘Really Good Netcode’

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With new and notable developments constantly taking place inside Battlefield 4‘s Community Test Environment on PC, there are a few new updates that all Battlefield fans should know about.

Most significant at the moment is the improvements developer DICE LA, with the help of Visceral Games, is making to Battlefield 4’s online networking, more commonly referred to as “netcode”. Through their efforts, Battlefield 4 CTE is currently sporting the option to play on 60Hz and 120Hz tickrate servers, which, as you might guess, is comparably better than Battlefield 4 retail’s current 30Hz High Frequency Update.

In fact, it’s now much more comparable to what you would experience with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Source Engine, which many would consider the golden standard in today’s first-person shooter scene, despite the game’s relatively dated feature list. It essentially means that Battlefield 4’s online networking will feel noticeably more responsive and will deliver updates between the client and server much quicker. This, in turn, contributes to the overall reduction in any “lag” felt by the player.

The bad news? Because this network update is merely in its early prototype stages and is quite demanding on both the hardware and internet connection required to run Battlefield 4, it means that the update might never make it to the retail version of Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline. On consoles, where hardware limitations are even more strict, it’s likely we won’t see much improvement over what is already currently in place. Regardless of this, the potential breakthroughs that might surface from this type of work are what make the trouble worth it.

Chris from Battle(non)sense does and impeccable job explaining just exactly what is currently going on in the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment with regards to network updates and what it might mean for the future of Battlefield games.

If you missed the initial announcement of DICE LA’s new network update to the Community Test Environment, you can catch Chris’ previous video right here:

As he points out, these developments might have a more tangible effect on Battlefield’s competitive scene on PC where the player count is notably smaller and servers can be customized before it impacts the retail environment. These developments are interesting to keep track of nevertheless.

As for Battlefield Hardline, Visceral Games is aiming to introduce their own Community Test Environment on PC sometime before the end of this month.

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