DICE Opening New Studio in LA to Recruit Top Talent, New Job Listings Surface

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As DICE expands its development resources to work on multiple titles in years to come, the developer has opened an LA based studio with the main objective to recruit top talent.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal via Joystiq, DICE’s General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson stated,”there is an extreme talent pool over that we want a part of. It’s no secret that our main competitor is there,” in reference to Activision’s two main Call of Duty studios, Infinity Ward and Treyarch, being located in Southern California.

DICE is keen to ensure that the new studio will have the same Nordic work environment, where management makes decisions by consensus and employees are empowered to take long parental leaves to care for their children.

The recent Star Wars announcement has played a big part in the decision to open the LA based studio. Troedsson elaborated that the new Star Wars title will either “creating an entirely new experience or piggybacking on an older Star Wars game series”. He adds, “for me it’s a boys dream come to life, I’ve grown up with Star Wars.”

The new studio already opened its’ doors, and some EA employees from the Medal of Honor series have joined the operations along with outside talent.

Image courtesy of @Battleifeld

@Battleifeld announces the new studio

In addition, VG247‘s Dave Cook dug up a few job listings for the newly formed studio. DICE is looking for development manager to “manage and coordinate the maintenance of EA’s Android and iOS catalogue of games.”

Another listing for a level designer reads, “we are looking for an experienced individual, who has shipped successful social/mobile products and has maintained a live service product.

“We require a seasoned game designer with experience in cross platform, saved state games/applications. This will be a crucial member of the game team as well as the Product Team responsible for these titles”.

This position emphasizes the following, “experience with both sync and async play behaviours familiarity with a female 35+ gamer demographic, and familiarity with the mass casual game space.”