DICE Responds to Hackers Banning Innocent BF3 Players

Battlefield Hackers Attack

Just yesterday, an attack on PC Battlefield 3 players ensued when a group of hackers, determined to show DICE/EA the error of their ways, in regards to using Punkbuster as an anti-cheat/hack program, found a way to ban players from the Battlefield.

For more information, check out yesterday’s post right here. Today, we have a bit of new info from Community Manager, Daniel Matros, as well as some basic suggestions you can follow to avoid being “fake-banned”.

One concerned fan asked Matros if it is safe to play on servers with PB (Punkbuster) or GGC-Stream enabled. Matros replied, “right now, I’d recommend playing on servers that aren’t streaming it until GGC are sorted out.” Currently, these bans are only possible on servers with these programs enabled. Matros also answered, “yes please,” to fans asking if they should update to the newest version of PB after the situation is dealt with.

Also, a notice on the front page of the Battelog was added reading: “The ‘Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors’ are being looked into right now.”

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