DICE Set To Unveil New Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Map and Mode at Gamescom

Battlefield 4 developers DICE are all set to show off a brand new map, as well as a new game mode, during this year’s Gamescom event in Cologn, Germany.

Up to this point, we’ve seen tons of Conquest footage on the map Seige of Shanghai, the one with the giant skyscraper that crashes to the ground if its support beams are too heavily bombarded by explosives and tank shells.

According to the studio’s Facebook page, we’ll catch a glimpse of something completely new during the Battlefield 4 multiplayer live stream at Gamescom sometime between August 21 to 25. More updates are to follow.


You can RSVP for updates on DICE’s Facebook page right here.

You can also keep your sights locked right here on MP1st for the latest Battlefield 4/Gamescom updates.

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