DICE Shuts Down Battlefield 5 Middle East & South Africa Servers, Will Now Route to EU

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Following yesterday’s bad news that double XP isn’t possible in Battlefield 5 due to technical reasons, those playing in the Middle East and South Africa are in for another disappointing bit of news. DICE has confirmed today that Battlefield 5 Middle East servers and South Africa servers have been “retired.”

This was confirmed by DICE Global Community Manager PartWelsh today, where he also confirmed that Battlefield 5 South African servers have also been retired, with both player base now connecting to EU instead. This was made after “careful review” of “player behaviour.” We’ve screengrabbed PartWelsh’s conversation with a player, and have quoted it below as well.

Our Dubai site for hosting Servers was retired today and players in the region will instead be matchmade to our servers in EU.

This is a decision that was not made lightly, and followed careful review of player behavior from the region. We see that the absolute majority of players connecting from the Middle East play on EU servers and so will find that all of their connections are now routed here.

On the Battlefield 5 subreddit, PartWelsh also confirmed that the Battlefield 5 Middle East servers (and South Africa) reroute are for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC).

It does yes.

For full clarity – players who would usually connect to servers in Dubai or South Africa, on all platforms, will no longer find that these are hosted for Battlefield V.

When looking in the server browser, or using quickmatch players will instead be routed to servers in EU.

There is a little bit of good news, though. Community Games will still be available for both Middle East and South Africa players, though they will still connect to EU.

It does yes. These will continue to be available, and will be hosted via EU servers.

While this doesn’t mean that gamers from the Middle East or South Africa won’t be able to play Battlefield 5, they will have to contend with the lag, though, which is never ideal for a first-person multiplayer shooter.

Those in the Middle East and/or South Africa, let us know how Battlefield 5 (and it seems Battlefield 1 as well) plays now; is it manageable or a lag-fest?

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8 thoughts on “DICE Shuts Down Battlefield 5 Middle East & South Africa Servers, Will Now Route to EU

  1. With avg 200 ping connecting to EU server, that basically kills the game for the entire BF5 community in SA.

  2. EA/DICE are slowly but surely killing off the Battlefield branch. Unless they make a complete turn around with the next BF. But highly doubt that will happen. Real sad to see!

  3. Thank you Dice. This will be my last battelfield game. I’m from Mauritius and I already struggled finding a spot on SA servers. They were the only ones with a good ping. You just killed your player base in Africa. Guess we are not important to you. Wish you luck.

  4. Please open servers again.Competitive playing is not possible. Big disappointment.

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