DICE Testing Possible Battlefield 4 “Netcode” Fixes

According to DICE’s lead scripter on Battlefield 4, the studio in the midst of testing out possible ‘fixes’ for the game’s infamous “netcode” troubles.

Though DICE has been hard at work patching up Battlefield 4 and smoothing out some bugs and balancing issues, connection issues like ‘getting shot behind corners’, ‘instant-deaths’, and other inexplainable occurrences related to networking are beginning to frustrate a number of Battlefield users. Trips to various internet forums related to the game make that fairly evident.

That said, you can take comfort knowing that members of the studio are actively seeking out solutions, as is the case with DICE lead scripter, Mikael Hedberg.

As he points out on Twitter, the studio is currently running a few tests “for a possible ‘netcode’ fix” by asking users to join a specific test server.

According to Tweets, DICE is looking to better understand ‘how the server & network perform’ with regards to these issues.

We’ll be on the lookout for any official news related to the test’s outcome, should DICE make any announcements.

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