DICE “Will Continue to Consider” Star Wars Battlefront II Private Servers

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Star Wars Battlefront II developer DICE took part in a Reddit AMA, in order to answer the community’s most burning questions.

User RektSquared wonders if private servers will ever come to the game:

Hiya fellas. Are you considering private servers for Battlefront 2? This really is such an impressive feature for a game to have. Allows competitive play and is certain to prolong the longevity of gameplay, as players can stay on maps and gamemodes they like.

Producer Paul Keslin says its something the studio will “continue to consider”:

This is something we hear a lot and will continue to consider. We know there are folks out there that want to either run their own competitive events or find a safe space to take screenshots / create crazy videos. Those are things we’re excited to see you all do so it will continue to be on our radar.

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to launch November 17 across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, those with special editions of the game, as well as those with an Origin Access or EA Access subscription, are already playing. 

In other Star Wars Battlefront II news, Blizzard Entertainment has poked fun at the game in their latest StarCraft II trailer and related tweets, a day one patch that brings “a bit more polish” to the game has been revealed and rolled out, and the Belgium Gaming Commission is investigating whether or not the game’s loot boxes constitute as gambling.

Source: Reddit