DICE Will Reveal BF3 Patch Release Date Tomorrow, PC Patch Won’t Come Sooner, And More

It was only a couple days ago a recent server update went live in order to lay the groundwork for the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch. This naturally got many Battlefield fans excited as the highly anticipated patch inches closer and closer to a release date.

By the way, for a full guide detailing how the new console server browser update works, read here!

Today, some special announcements were made by DICE members. While we aren’t receiving word of a patch release date, we are learning the next best thing: A release date for the patch release date. Confused?

DICE Global Community Manager Daniel Matros, stated on his Twitter account earlier today, “hopefully I’ll be able to drop the patch date tomorrow.” Similarly, DICE Lead Designer Gustav Halling mentioned, “BF3 patch date will be released tomorrow.” He later added, “we will release a feature list tomorrow together with the date.” These notes should most likely include the tentative notes stated earlier and much more.

Many PC gamers have been looking to DICE, asking why the PC patch can’t be released before the console patches, even by a couple days. Many are comparing to patches released by Bethesda for their latest multiplatform epic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where PC players have been receiving their patches before console players, as they’re ready.

Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz stresses, “I think it’s important we have as close to the same game at the same time on all platforms.” Halling similarly mentioned it is because Because DICE wants “to have the same game out on all platforms, not 3 different ones.”

Fan’s have also been wondering where the patch notes for the latest server update are. Many have reported unannounced changes to playlists. Halling clarified that “Playlists isn’t really the patch changelog, its backend.” On top of that, DICE is “patching servers 2-4 times/month…”

Naturally, stay tuned to MP1st on Twitter and Facebook to know when the next Battlefield 3 patch and release notes finally drop! Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you agree with DICE’s philosophy of keeping the game similar across all three platforms?

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