Digital Extremes Announces Partnership With Airship Syndicate for New Free-to-Play Character-Based, Third-Person Action Game

digital extremes airship syndicate

As part of TennoCon 2022, Digital Extremes not only unveiled a new IP in Soulframe, but the studio also announced that a new partnership with Airship Syndicate (Battle Chases, Darksiders Genesis).

While there’s no title for it just yet, the new propery will be a free-to-play (F2P) game, and will be character-based, and be playable from a third-person perspective!

Airship Syndicate embarks on a brand new adventure with the help of Digital Extremes! This new project is an online, character based, third-person action game set in a brand new, original world where adventure with friends is the name of the game.

Here are prepared statements by the both Digital Extremes and Airship Syndicate (sent via press release):

“I signed Darksiders at THQ and I’ve been trying to work with Joe and Ryan ever since, our reunion is a decade in the making and couldn’t be happier for Airship Syndicate and this opportunity for them to shine,” said Richard Browne, Head of External Projects at Digital Extremes.

“We’re a group of passionate, experienced game developers based in Austin, Texas. Our goal is simple: build a lean, fun, independent game studio to create top quality games for a variety of gaming platforms,” said Ryan Stefanelli, President of Airship Studios.

The full reveal is slated to take place this December at The Game Awards 2022 show. 

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