Disintegration Devs V1 Interactive Closing Down

v1 interactive

Developer V1 Interactive, the studio behind the hidden gem, Disintegration, is closing its doors. The studio announced the sad news today, confirming the studio has been around for five years before deciding to call it quits.

Given the rough terrain of trying to market and launch a multiplayer game these days, we’re sad to see V1 Interactive shut its doors, as the studio definitely has some solid ideas that are worth exploring.

If you’re curious what we thought of the shooter, head on over here to our review where we state:

There is a solid base work here that the small team at V1 Interactive has built. The world-building should be a focal point if they greenlight a second game because there is a lot to explore in a world where humans transfer their brains and being into robots. The first game is a good attempt at what should be a great franchise that tries something new in the FPS world. 

Hopefully, everyone at V1 Interactive lands on their feet soon.

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