The Division 1.18 Patch Fixes Issues and Exploits

the division 1.18

In case you’re one of the many people going back to Ubisoft’s shared world third-person shooter The Division, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a game update rolled out today by the developers, and it’s to fix a few nagging in-game issues.

The Division 1.18 update fixes an exploit, and a few issues. Check out the patch notes straight from the PlayStation 4 version of The Division’s update history.

In case you can’t see the image, it reads:

Version 1.18

Update 1.8.1

Game changes

– Fixed an exploit where players could reach infinite RPM by swapping weapon magazines and loadouts

– Fixed an issue where mods would unequip from weapons or gear and could no longer be retrieved from the stash if the player switched loadouts in certain conditions

– Fixed an issue were gear optimizations were reset between game sessions

In other The Division news, Ubisoft has hinted at the sequel, which would surprise no one if it’s announced.

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