The Division 2 Campaign Length to Be Around 40 Hours

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If you found the First The Division campaign to be a little on the short side, then the sequel should make up for it, as we now know that The Division 2 campaign length is around 40 hours!

This was mentioned by the official Xbox website (via ComicBook), where it listed items that mentions how The Division 2 is different from its predecessor. Check out the full quota below.

The launch of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is nearly upon us, and everything we’ve seen to date says its going to be bigger and better than its predecessor in every way. Set seven months after the first game’s Black Friday event, the seasonal change looks to be one of the most visible differences, as the snowy winter setting has been replaced by a hot, humid, and stormy summer. The locale has changed too, as agents from The Division receive a distress call from Washington DC and move on from New York City. According to the game’s developers at Massive Entertainment and Red Storm Entertainment, The Division 2 will feature a 40ish hour story mode that can be played solo or cooperatively, and they’ve said that it was designed with endgame in mind first. One of the biggest endgame areas in the first game was The Dark Zone, where players could go head-to-head or team up to nab some sweet loot.

You can read the rest of the article right here, to see some of the new stuff coming to The Division 2.

This is good news, no? With games like The Division 2, the focus is usually on the loot grind, and tackling one-off missions. While that’s still the case, at least we now know that there’s a meaty campaign to go along with the loot grind as well.

In other The Division 2 news, you can sign up for the beta right now even without pre-ordering, though there’s no guarantee that you’ll get in,