The Division 2 Private Beta Sign Ups Are Now Live, and Here’s How to Get a Chance to Join the Action

the division 2 open beta trailer

It’s no secret that The Division 2 will have a private beta that’s exclusive for those who pre-ordered the game, or for those who purchase specially marked cans of Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel.

If you’d rather not pre-order, and Gamer Fuel isn’t your bag, you can register right now in this link for a chance to get in The Division 2 private beta. Again, this is not a guarantee that you’ll get in, and yes, that link is for all three platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC). Note that you will need a Uplay account, and by registering, you allow Ubisoft and its parent, subsidiaries and affiliates, to use your Uplay username in marketing “efforts” related to The Division 2.

The Division 2 private beta starts February 7 and will last until February 10, and there hasn’t been a mention of an open beta, so this might be the only chance players will get to test the game out before its launch on March 15.

You can check out this info post to see what content will be featured in the beta, and for the exact time when it’ll be available, and so on.

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