Report: Devil May Cry 5 to Have Multiplayer, Will Feature 2-3 Players

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Here’s something out of left field: it seems Capcom’s upcoming action game, Devil May Cry 5, will have multiplayer of some kind, and what’s more, it’ll be for 2-3 players!

In the game’s official product description on the PlayStation Store, it clearly states that there are “Network Players 2-3” and that PlayStation Plus is required. At the bottom it states online play, though it’s optional. The listing is still live, though there’s a screenshot of it just in case Capcom pulls it.

Note that Capcom has NOT announced DMC 5 multiplayer of any kind — much less 2-3 people playing simultaneously. There is a chance this is a database error or something, so don’t be surprised if this doesn’t pan out.

We’ve reached out to Capcom and will update the story if and when we get a response.

Assuming Devil May Cry 5 does have multiplayer, expect news, and more about the game here on MP1st.

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