Doom Is Back – First Look At Single-Player & Multiplayer Gameplay, Doom Snapmap Revealed

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Could Bethesda Game Studios’ media briefing at E3 2015 have kicked off any better? Leave it to an explosive first look at Doom to get long-time first-person shooter fans pumped for the return of the genre’s most iconic franchise.

On stage, id Software introduced the rebooted shooter, built on the id Tech 6 engine with a focus on ‘bad-ass demons, big effing guns, and really, really fast movement’ in 1080p and 60 frames per second. In the game’s single player campaign, players gear up on a UAC research facility on Mars with one objective: kill demons.

Here’s a look at two gameplay videos from the game’s story mode, highlighting classic FPS elements returning to the genre, including pick-ups, big guns, and lots of gore, as well as new mechanics like the double-jump, clamber ability, and finishing moves.

Fast-paced, arena-style multiplayer is back with vertical movement and unique power-ups. Arenas range from locations in UAC facilities to the depths of hell and players will have access to modes like Domination, Freeze Tag, and Clan Arena. A quick multiplayer demo was provided, though no mention of Doom’s Multiplayer Beta was made.

A new cross-platform feature called Doom Snapmap, powered by BethesdaNet, brings player-created experiences to life, including custom maps and modes with mod-able game logic. On stage, a co-op mode, a mode that allows players to earn credits by killing demons, and four-player deathmatch were presented as examples. Creations can be shared with the press of a button.

What’d you think of the reveal? Happy to know Doom is coming back?

Doom is out Spring 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.