Dragon Ball FighterZ Combo System – Here’s All You Need to Know About It

While the Dragon Ball FighterZ  beta was plagued with issues, such as extremely long waits for matchmaking, or the game simply not letting you get past the title screen. Arc System Works does have something special in the latest Dragon Ball game, which people would know if they actually managed to get into an actual match.

Unfortunately, I myself couldn’t participate too much in the open beta that was going on this past weekend due to the issues stated above. But for those who did manage to sneak into the game, or play against other people found some interesting mechanics to the game.

Arc System Works has implemented game mechanics such as an “auto-combo” and “manual-combo” feature that’s similar to Killer Instinct;¬†where if you string combos from light attack all the way to heavy attack the game will automatically do a combo for you. However, this method isn’t efficient if you want to maximize your damage. To explain why that’s the case, you can watch this rather short video below from YouTuber “Sean Wonder” going over this feature, as well as the difference between both auto combos and manual combos.

Overall, this feature is pretty neat. as it helps those who are new to fighting games and rewards those who loves to put in some time to them.

In recent Dragon Ball FighterZ news, Bandai Namco tends to have yet another open beta before the game’s launch date of January 26. You can check out the details of it here.

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