Dragon’s Crown PS4 Patch Feature Cross-Play and Cross-Save Functionality, Bug Fixes & More

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Dragon’s Crown’s latest patch will introduce the chance to sell multiple items at once when attempting to sell at the magic shop, the ability to include Extra Pocket when resetting, and more.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game, Dragon’s Crown Pro, is set to release February 8, 2018 in Japan. Patch 1.07 will implement cross-platform saves and multiplayer mode between the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The following list of updates will also be added to the Dragon’s Crown Pro version of the game when released.

For the full list of patch notes, see below:

Bug fixes

– We fix bug that we can perform unauthorized equipment under specific conditions.

– We correct the display defect of letters concerning the prefix of some equipment.

– In addition, we will improve operational stability under specific conditions.

Function addition

– You can cross-play and cross-save between PS 4, PS 3, and Vita.

– We will add a function to name each bag.

– We will add a function to specify the effect on the equipment screen and narrow down the accessories.

– By opening the start menu during the adventure you will be able to check the availability of the Talisman and the walking fee of the current hierarchy.

– Various setting values ​​are displayed on the character editing screen of the character name.

– When performing a skill reset at the adventurer guild, it is possible to optionally include “extra pocket” as a reset target.

– If you acquire the same skill again immediately after you perform a skill reset, the target skill item will be automatically reset to your bag.

– When selling at a magic tool shop, it becomes possible to select items collectively.

– We add an item to set “Damage effect display” as option. “Everyone display”, “Display only operation player” “Do not display” becomes selectable.
(By suppressing the number of display ※, it is expected to improve visibility and reduction of processing load)
– We add an item to set “display position of rune selection UI” as option. “Follow player” “bottom of cockpit” “bottom of screen” can be selected.

Functional improvement

– We will extend the angle of rotation of characters by character editing up to 180 degrees left and right.

– We will adjust some of the probabilities of products placed in the store.

– We will adjust some special effects of enemies in difficulty “Ultimate”.

– We will improve some tutorial functions of some characters.

– We will adjust the priority of the click with the cursor.

– We will improve the behavior of camera work.

– In addition, we will correct minor display and improve functions.


About changing the number of stored bones We have changed the
maximum number of ‘bones’ stored in temples from 32 in number to 28 in order to secure the storage area of ​​the bag name in save data.
As a result of this change, since the 29th and subsequent bones are deleted from the data, those who possess 29 or more bones will be revived and buried at “Canaan Temple” and the number of bones possessed will be 28 Please update it to version 1.07 or do cross-save data transfer after doing it below.

What do you think to the latest update? Are you still searching for fortune on the PlayStation 3, or waiting it out for Dragon’s Crown Pro on PlayStation 4? Let us know below.

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Source: Atlus