Dying Light 2 PS5 File Size and Preload Date Revealed

Dying Light 2 Upcoming Fixes

With more than two months still away from its official launch, the Dying Light 2 PS5 file size has been revealed, alongside its official preload date for the platform. Head down below for the complete details to prepare yourself for the release of Dying Light 2.

The information comes from known a known Twitter dataminer, and you can check out the full details on the game’s file size below.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human PS5 File Size

  • Download Size : 21.099 GB (Without Day One Patch)
  • Pre-Load : February 2
  • Launch : February 4

Techland will be holding a new Dying 2 Know stream next week, December 2, and you can check out more details on the upcoming Twitch stream here. MP1st also had the pleasure to talk with Techland on Dying Light 2’s development, and you can check out the full interview below, as well as some of the finer details on all your burning questions with regards to the title:

Source: PlayStation Game Size

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