Dying Light 2 Quality Mode Adds Better Effects & Other Post-Processing Elements

Dying Light 2 Quality Mode

Those curious whether to chose Performance or Quality modes in Dying Light 2, perhaps this will make your decision easier, as Techland has shed new details on the Dying Light 2 Quality Mode (4K) and the game’s Performance (60fps) Mode.

Speaking to MP1st, Techland’s Lead Level Designer, Piotr Pawlaczyk revealed that in addition to ray-tracing and 4K being available in Quality Mode, players can expect “significantly” improved scene quality as the mode boasts improved volumetric amongst other effects.

MP1st: Past interviews mentioned how fps was more important than resolution to the team. I completely stand by that myself and have always preferred that. Any chance we can expect to see a full performance mode (strips visuals a bit and resolution) dedicated to that in next-gen consoles? What about 120fps? What if players want a 4K dedicated mode, are there plans for a visual mode at 30fps with 4K? Options never hurt, right?

Pawlaczyk : We are developing several options for new generations. For players who prefer visual experiences, we have prepared the Quality mode which, thanks to the use of ray-tracing, has significantly improved the quality of the scene, with an emphasis on environment lighting. In quality mode players will observe greater accuracy of e.g. volumetric effects and many other frame post-processing elements. The ray-tracing itself is then the basis for generating, for example, physically correct shadows.

Of course, that’s just one of the modes available with the other being geared towards gamers who want that silky smooth experience, otherwise known as Performance Mode.

For those who, as you, appreciate smooth gameplay, we have prepared the Performance mode, which focuses on a high frame-rate (60FPS + optionally with VRR), making the experience of fast gameplay elements such as a course or combat even more smooth.

Interesting that Piotr mentioned “several” options, though we garner this may be in reference to some in-game settings like motion blur, FOV slider, reflections, ect.. 

As for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) that’ll be available on PC and Xbox Series since those two platforms currently support displays with that feature. PlayStation gamers wanting to take advantage of their VRR supported sets will need to wait until Sony enables the features via a software update.

Dying Light 2 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC December 7. Stay tuned as we have loads more to share from our interview!

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6 thoughts on “Dying Light 2 Quality Mode Adds Better Effects & Other Post-Processing Elements

      1. As the gyro aiming is immediate control method, the more and the faster enemies, the more useful the gyro aiming would be.

  1. The quality mode is the standard way the game is made.
    The performance modes will be compromised/downgraded modes. This is always the case.

    Nothing is being “added” for quality modes. Are better textures, character models and environment details also being added for quality mode too? Of course not,that screw up the entire half-eaten development of the game.

    These things will be downgraded for the quality modes though. So for those people that want to, enjoy your game downgraded.

    1. Nah I’ll just play on PC with 60+ fps and Raytracing instead of my PS5 or Series X.

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