E3 2012 – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Creative Director on 10v10, 6v6 and Hardcore Game Modes, More on Score Chains

Creative Director on Medal of Honor: Warfighter Kristoffer Bergqvist breaks down what we can expect from Warfighter’s multiplayer this October 23rd as Danger Close shows off some gameplay on floor of this year’s E3.

Shown off on the E3 floor this year was Warfighter’s Sector Control multiplayer game mode on the map Somalia, explains Bergqvist in a recent E3 2012 interview. “Most of our modes support 10v10 (20-man rounds). Other game modes are a little bit more competitive and they were scaled back to 6v6, so even less than that, to make each role more pivotal.” It looks like players can expect a much more tactical and less frantic multiplayer in Warfighter where emphasis is placed on your role and how you handle that role as a team member.

Bergqvist revealed that Global Warfighters is based on the real-world competitiveness between world-wide Tier 1 Operator units. He recalls, “working with the real-world operatives really closely, they always kept talking very highly about the other forces they met when they were deployed.” However, “we always heard about the competitiveness between these forces, and we felt like we want to get this in game, where the Navy Seals can go against a team of Polish GROM to really battle out who is the best.”

As we previously learned, Score Chains will be returning in Warfighter but “they are based more on score than actual kills,” according Bergqvist. He continues, “you can heal your teammates, capture objectives, all of that and you will get these rewards.” You can take a look at some of the Score Chain rewards we discovered in our latest Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer trailer analysis.

More on the topic of game modes, Bergqvist explains, “we’ve been designing all our modes working with the special operatives to get as an authentic experience as possible. We also have a mode that we call Real Ops that is similar to the traditional hardcore mode in that we remove some of the HUD elements and give you the most authentic experience possible.” So, players will be able to look forward to a much more authentic way to play Warfighter’s multiplayer this fall.

Do you think Danger Close made the right move in keeping the game modes at a smaller player count? Will you be trying out Real Ops for that more authentic experience? Let us know in the comments below!

Make sure to catch some of the latest Medal of Honor: Warfighter footage right here.

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