E3 2013 – Which Confirmed Online Multiplayer FPS Are You Most Excited to Learn More About?

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You may have heard of a little event called E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo. It happens once a year and it’s a time when we learn a lot of really cool things about a bunch of really, really cool upcoming video games.

As a multiplayer-centric website that loves first-person shooters, we’re super excited for some of coolest games that will be showing up this year like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, DestinyKillzone: Shadow Fall and Arma 3. While it might be pushing it a bit, we’re also hoping to hear word from titles like Rainbow 6: Patriots and Halo 5. We do know Respawn Entertainment’s shooter, rumored to be called “Titan,” will be present this year, but the title has yet to be actually confirmed.

But with only a few days left before the events of E3 2013 kick off this Monday, June 10, we want to know which confirmed, online multiplayer FPS you are most excited to learn more about about.

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So, let’s here it. Vote and hit up the comment section below!

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