Battlefield 3 Premium Hits 4 Million Users To Date, DICE Looking Into ‘What We Can Do For Battlefield 4’

Reporting in Q1 fiscal year 2014 financial reports earlier today, Electronic Arts has announced that Battlefield 3‘s Premium service is seeing positive results while membership is constantly growing.

“The Battlefield 3″ Premium community continues to grow with over 4 million members to date,” reads the official press release.

Battlefield 3 Premium brought members five Battlefield 3 expansions, Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game, along with a handful of customization options and additional assignments throughout the game’s lifetime. It will also secure access to the upcoming Battlefield 4 beta later this fall.

Earlier, during our visit to E3 2013, DICE vice president and general manager told us the studio has “been extremely happy with how well-received Premium has been. There’s been a massive amount of people who’ve really enjoyed it,” he said.

With such encouraging feedback, Troedsson added that, “naturally, we’re going to look into what we can do there for Battlefield 4 as well.”

Are you a Battlefield 3 Premium member, or did you skip it this time around, or perhaps saving your cash for a potential “Battlefield 4 Premium”?

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