EA: “Premium” and “New Twist” Take on Titanfall Universe Coming Later This Year

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While Respawn has just released Apex Legends, and confirmed that Titanfall 3 isn’t in active development, it seems we’re still going to get something Titanfall-related later this year.

This was revealed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson during the publisher’s latest earnings call. In it, Wilson confirms that this “new twist” on the Titanfall universe will indeed launch later this year, and EA will talk about it in the months ahead.

The Respawn team has a strong plan for Apex Legends that will engage fans for a long time to come. As the live service evolves, Respawn also plans to launch a premium game this year that is a new twist on the Titanfall universe. More to come on that in the months ahead.

During the call, Mike Ng from Goldman Sachs asked about the capacity if Respawn to launch three games in one year given we just had Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is already confirmed to be shipping later this year, and there’s this “premium” Titanfall game that we’ve yet to hear about.

Mike Ng: It seems that in fiscal 2020 Respawn will now be operating or launching three titles between that one, Apex, and Star Wars, could you just talk about Respawn capacity for that? Thank you.

Andrew Wilson: And well, I don’t have more to share on the particulars of what would come in for Titanfall. What I would say is Respawn are a tremendously creative team, they always anticipated that Apex Legends would be a spectacular game in the Battle Royale genre and that they would use that as a ramp point to continue to innovate and deliver a truly creative take on what Titanfall is in a premium context later on the EA.

Don’t forget, Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, so anything’s possible. Given how EA has repeatedly said that this is a “premium” game, that rules out this being a small, indie-ish title. Could it be a Titanfall MOBA game? A new Titanfall first-person shooter but one that’s directly Titanfall 3 but will be set in the same universe? Color us intrigued! With Respawn’s pedigree, it’s understandable to be excited, and we can’t wait to hear more about this new Titanfall game.

What do you think this new Titanfall game will be? Will you still play it even if it doesn’t have walljumping and titans?

Source: Seeking Alpha (login required)