EA Says Battlefield 4 Sales Unaffected by ‘Quality Issues’

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Despite quality concerns surrounding DICE’s flagship shooter Battlefield 4, publishing company EA says any decline in sales can be attributed to the next-generation console transition, rather than a perceivably under-performing product.

During a recent third quarter 2014 investor call, EA president Peter Moore noted that Battlefield 4 sales are unaffected by ‘quality issues’ and will continue to ‘sell effectively throughout the next fiscal year’.

“We obviously saw some decline in current-gen software that wasn’t picked up by the increased anticipation that gamers had and the sales thereof of next-gen. Battlefield 4 was no different than FIFA or Need for Speed in this issue, but this was focused on current-gen rather than, we believe, any issues with the game itself,” he said. “This game has got a long tail, as you well know, and we will continue to be able to sell this effectively throughout the next fiscal year.”

“So yes, we did see some impact of the current-gen softness that was indicated by Andrew and Blake in their prepared statements, but this is not, we believe, a link to any quality issues.”

Via, Joystiq.