EA Servers Down for Battlefield 1 and Other Games, EA Aware and Investigating (Update)

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Unfortunately, the issues are still not resolved. Over on Twitter the EA Help account mentioned that not all services are restored.

We’ll continue to update the post as more info becomes available.

Original Story:

Are you trying to play Battlefield 1 now or some other EA-published game? If you can’t connect, it’s not you, but rather, there’s an EA servers down issue happening, and it’s affecting all of EA’s games!

Numerous users on the Battlefield subreddit have started threads asking if EA is down for the game, and even for Star Wars Battlefront II. Just a few minutes ago, the official EA Help Twitter account has confirmed that connectivity issues are indeed happening to their titles, and they’re investigating it as we speak.

You can check here to see if your preferred EA-published game is experiencing difficulties in connecting online. Once EA updates the situation, we’ll update the post.

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