Report: Battlefield 2018 Info Leak Mentions Factions, Classes, Gun Attachments & More

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With the can of Battlefield 2018 info now pried open, it seems more and more stuff about the game is being known by the day. Well, we’re here once again to dive into a fresh plate of BF 2018 info leaks!

YouTuber Drakesden posted a lengthy video wherein he allegedly spills quite a lot of Battlefield 2018 news. Now, we ordinarily don’t report on every purported leak, but this one has been  vouched for by AlmightyDaq, who himself, leaked a lot of info about Battlefield 1 that came out to be true.

Now, before we proceed, bear in mind that these are all not verified. There’s a chance that the info below is someone who wants to be internet-famous, or just got his facts wrong. Given the game is still in active development, there’s a lot that can change from now up to the October 2018 release date EA targets for the Battlefield franchise.

Got that disclaimer out of the way? Good. Here we go.

There will reportedly be seven base game factions:

  • Great Britain
  • United States
  • Free French Forces
  • Third Reich
  • Kingdom of Italy
  • USSR
  • Imperial Japan

The base game will come with 10 base maps (which is logical given past entries have shipped with the same), with more maps being added post-launch.

EA is allegedly once again selling DLC via Battlefield Premium, so don’t expect anything to change regarding that.

Battlefield 2018 is an “evolutionary” take on BF1, and it uses the same game engine as BF1 and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Here’s a big one: random bullet deviation is said to be gone in Battlefield 2018, which means skill will play a greater role.

Removal of random bullet deviation, skill plays a greater role. Not familiar with RBD? Here’s what the Urban Dictionary says about it:

A bullshit method that’s being used in more and more games that are out today. Rather than, gasp, having the bullets go where the crosshair is, game developers somehow think it’s better that the bullets follow a completely random patternaround the crosshair instead of INSIDE the crosshair. Since the bullets don’t actually go where there supposed to, it means that most firefights you get into mean zero skill, all luck. You might think shooting in small bursts that it would defeat this, but it actually ensues your death much quicker over a sprayer. Moving actually multiplies the deviation tenfold, making it near impossible to squeeze an accurate shot unless you’re playing as a sniper. 

Gun variants not returning, so don’t expect the same gun to have different kinds that behave differently like in BF1.

The main reason why variants are said to not be returning is due to the return of gun attachments (yay!) Expect scopes, suppressors, and whatever stuff is appropriate for the era.

Regarding classes, it’ll be the same four DICE has seemingly stuck to all these years.

  • Assault  (Medic) – automatic weapons,
  • Support (Ammo dude) LMGs
  • Recon (sniper) bolt-action rifles
  • Engineer (Vehicle dude) SMGs, rocket launchers, repair tool, etc.

All kit weapons (meaning any class can use ’em) like semi-auto rifles will be making a return.

Another few things returing are Elite classes, and Behemoths.

Here’s a big one: Battlefield 2018 will allegedly introduce player model cosmetics (skins), and what’s more, players will be able to switch faction variants that will have a change of clothes, head/footwear and camo (different skins means different appearance combos).

Microtransactions will be cosmetics mostly — as we’ve reported on before.

Vehicles play will be similar to BF4 and BF3, which is a positive in my book. It’ll entail more skillful operation, will have tanks, transport tanks, tank destroyers, bombers, etc.

The fan-fave Operations will be returning, while Battlefield 1’s competitive mode Incursions will be available for BF 2018 at launch.

Well, there you have it! You can watch all the things listed above in the video below.

Again, I want to stress that none of the info listed here have been confirmed, and as such, should be treated with a big bag of salt.

In any case, if these do pan out, then add another YouTuber to the list of credible Battlefield sources.

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