Report: Battlefield 2018 to Let Players Go Prone on Their Backs, Feature Co-Op Mode, Campaign to Follow BF1 Template

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Slowly but surely, more and more info regarding Battlefield 2018 seems to be seeping out. While we already know this year’s Battlefield game — which could allegedly be called Battlefield V — will feature loot boxes, more details have made their way online.

According to reports, Battlefield 2018 will follow Battlefield 1’s campaign in terms of episodic structure, and what’s more, there’s going to be a new co-op mode! This is supposedly a special mode that runs squads of players through “randomly generated Conquest missions,” but DICE can expand it to be even more robust. It’s not known whether it’ll support split-screen at this time, though DICE is aware that fans would like the feature (split-screen).

Interestingly, it’s also been said that players will now be able to go prone on their backs, too. For reference, this can be done in games like Rainbow Six Siege, but has never been implemented in a Battlefield game yet. This will supposedly give more movement options in competitive multiplayer, which is always a good thing, right?

Furthermore, DICE is said to be building its strategy for Battlefield V to be similar to BF1. The studio is said to be maintaining some sort of internal consistencies between the last Battlefield game and this year’s, and that consistency includes bringing back voice actress Katherine Kingsley who was the voice announce for BF1 multiplayer. Adding credence to the report is Kingsley herself, who posted an image on Instagram last January 22 with the hashtag #battlefield in it.

Back in the booth. I might not look very happy but in fact I am! So grateful for my voiceover jobs. Bring it on 2018. #battlefield #mother #gaming

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Bear in mind, as with all other leaks, treat this one with a grain of salt, alright? Lots of things can change from now until October when the title ships, so don’t go pointing fingers if something doesn’t come to fruition.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for more reputable Battlefield 2018 leaks. Once we do, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Source: GamesBeat