EA Sports FC 24 and Marvel Announce 19 Special Ultimate Team Heroes

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Heroes

EA and Marvel have collaborated to unveil the new cast of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team (FUT) Heroes in FC 24. The EA Sports FC 24 Heroes are inspired and reimagined by Marvel Comics, recognizing the memorable careers of Football legends.

Each new Ultimate Team Hero this year will be remembered for how they performed both domestically and continental. They will be celebrated with a base version as well as a UEFA Champions League or UEFA Women’s Champions League version to commemorate their European greatness.

Here’s a look at all the Heroes unveiled by EA today:


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 1

Loyalty to royalty. MVP to MBE. Alex Scott wears the crown of Ultimate Team Hero with honour, a distinguished individual on and off the pitch. She ruled the right flank for her entire career, stopping attackers in their tracks and leading her team forward from full-back.

Gianluca Vialli (LA LEGGENDA):

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 3

Heroism isn’t simply a measure of what you can do when the pressure is on. It’s also a measure of the person you become in those big moments. Gianluca Vialli was a beacon of both character and quality, a striker that struck joy into all who had the fortune of watching him play.

Carlos Tevez (EL GUERRERO):

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 2

Looking for the bravest person on the pitch? Find the player willing to go toe-to-toe with Carlos Tevez. As his nickname suggests, ‘El Guerrero’ was more than a world-class striker—he was a warrior, capable of fighting his way to victory with a rare combination of effort and ability.

Wesley Sneijder (SURESHOT):

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 4

Some Heroes you can recognize from a mile away. Wesley Sneijder could recognize you from twice that distance. Hard to get near and nearly impossible to escape, Sneijder’s telescopic eye for a killer pass or pinpoint strike made him a menace from anywhere on the pitch.

Bixente Lizarazu (DYNAMO):

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 5

If a Hero never stops, Bixente Lizarazu was perpetual motion. From left back, he marauded forward, claiming the whole left side of the pitch for his own and charging onward to tackle all of world football—from best left back in France, to best in Germany, all the way to best in the world.

Nwankwo Kanu (KING KANU):

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 6

The pitch. That’s what the average player calls the playing surface. Nwankwo Kanu called it his kingdom. King Kanu had all the qualities of a great ruler—wisdom, foresight, flexibility, tact, strength.

Nadine Kessler (THE WOLF):

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 7

Legend of the game. Leader of the pack. There’s nobody quite like Nadine Kessler—a serial winner who led by example and whose glittering trophy cabinet was equal parts individual honours and team trophies. The Wolf ran the midfield everytime she took the pitch, using her sixth sense and superhuman football IQ to dictate the tempo of the game and captain her side to glory.


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero 8

It takes a Hero to make the world believe in magic. Giuly did just that. He lifted a finger to the sky every time he performed the unbelievable, as if waving a magic wand to make his doubters (and defenders) disappear.


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Hero

The opposition doesn’t always know a Hero’s power until it’s too late. That’s how it was for John Arne Riise, a marauding left back with a devastating secret—his left leg was borderline bionic, a cannon that fired shots goalward with punishing power.

Tomas Rosicky (THE CONDUCTOR):

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Hero 10

Close your eyes and listen. That sound you hear? That song in the distance? That’s the melody of Tomás Rosicky, the midfield maestro, conducting his side to victory. Rosicky transformed squads into symphonies, an elegant playmaker who could write a goal into existence with the wave of his baton.

Paulo Futre (FAST FUTURE):

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Hero 11

Heroes never quit. So when physical defenders, injury setbacks, and club transitions tried (and failed) to stand in the way of Paulo Futre, he kept moving forward. His speed was explosive and his momentum was unstoppable, driving him towards the goal (and his goals) throughout his nomadic career.

Dimitar Berbatov (FLASHFREEZE):

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Hero 12

Cold-blooded in front of goal and cool under pressure, Dimitar Berbatov was best friends with big moments. Like an iceberg, his serene exterior on the pitch expertly hid what was underneath the surface—a brilliant footballing mind quietly calculating his next move. Though he played with ice in his veins, Flashfreeze never froze in the face of top competition.

Sonia Bompastor (BOMBARDIER):

Heroes don’t believe in barriers. For Sonia Bompastor, that meant disregarding the wall of defenders between her and the goal. Her ferocious free-kicks blazed past all who tried to stop them, lighting bolts fired right into the top corner.

Jari Litmanen (KUNINGAS):

A great Hero shows that there is strength in humility. Jari Litmanen ruled the pitch with that mantra, a prolific Finnish finisher who was never too proud to provide a killer pass for his teammates. Litmanen’s reign at Ajax exemplified who he was as a leader, a star who shone on one of the most talented squads in football history.

Rui Costa (O MAESTRO):

Rui Costa wasn’t just a Hero, he was a virtuoso. The game happened in his brain before it took place on the pitch, his mind able to imagine possibilities and see passes nobody else could. His creativity was the stuff of legend, carving defences open and crafting clever opportunities for his teammates.

Vincent Kompany (KAPTAIN KOMPANY):

In a dressing room full of Heroes, Vincent Kompany would wear the armband. Strong in a challenge and synonymous with the captaincy, Kompany was Manchester City through and through. Kompany understood the game and overpowered his opponents, able to expertly organise his defence with his elite football IQ and become a one-man brick wall with the match on the line.

Steve McManaman (AGENT MACCA):

Hero. Galactico. Gentleman. Steve McManaman was pure class, a refined footballer whose elegant approach to the game saw him retire as one of the most decorated Englishman of his era. A Swiss Army Knife in midfield, McManaman adapted to any assignment.

Demarcus Beasley (TRICKYBEAS):

Demarcus Beasley was the type of lightning that always strikes the same place twice. The picture of consistency, Beasley was as pacy as he was reliable, bursting down the left wing match after match. Everything he did, he did for the team, matching his crafty running with a tireless workrate that made him a nightmare for the opposition.

Ramires (THE MOTOR):

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Hero 19

Being a Hero often means being exceptional at one thing. Being Ramires meant excelling at everything. Box to box he went, running every phase of the game—expertly reading attackers, endlessly pursuing opponents, effortlessly carrying the ball forward. And just when you thought you’d seen every facet to his game, he’d add another.

That’s all of the Ultimate Team Heroes announced for EA Sports FC 24 today. This is the first time that women footballers will be introduced as heroes alongside an all-new lineup of men’s football heroes. In-game vanity items will be made available based of off respective Ultimate Team Heroes including tifos, kits, balls, and more. EA promises additional details will be shared “soon.”

By pre-ordering the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition, players will receive one of the 19 Heroes in their Ultimate Team in November. EA Sports FC 24 is set to launch on September 29, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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