EA: “We Did What We Said We’d Do With Battlefield,” Premium Earns 3.5 Million Subscriptions

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“There will be exciting new developments for the Battlefield brand as fiscal ’13 progresses,” said Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director John Riccitiello during an EA Q4 FY13 earnings call earlier today.

Looking back, he states, “we did what we said we’d do with Battlefield. Battlefield 3 took very significant share from the leading competitor, on its way to being one of the biggest selling titles in EA history.”

Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer, added, “our Battlefield brand has been pushing the edge of online combat for 10 years, and along the way assembling a huge community with tremendous expectations. As we predicted, Battlefield 3 took market share last year, and more importantly, millions of players are still online, deeply engaged in this game.”

Recent reports indicate that Battlefield 3 Premium has earned over 3.5 million subscriptions to date, earning $120 million in revenue through the March quarter.

Looking forward, EA hopes to repeat their success and accomplish even more with Battlefield 4, releasing this fall, going head-to-head with Activision’s recently announced Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Detailed in a recent agreement with Disney, EA also hopes to produce strong results with games based in the Star Wars universe with developers like DICE (Battlefield) and Visceral Games (Dead Space).

Source: Seeking Alpha